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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

UK Visa Refusal on General Grounds - Deception: False Representations and Information

UK Visa Refusal on General Grounds Deception - False Representation and Information

General Grounds for Refusal - Deception: False Representations and Information

This pertains to consideration when an applicant applying for entry clearance has made false representations or given false information.

This relates to general grounds for refusal under paragraph 320(7A) of the rules. For visitors, refusal under paragraph V 3.6 of Appendix V.

False representation is when an applicant or third party lies or makes a false statement in an application. This could be in writing or orally when an applicant is interviewed. Such an application is refused under paragraph 320(7A), even if:

  • the false representation is not relevant to the application or decision
  • the applicant did not know, or claims not to know, that false representations have been used

However, an applicant must not be refused just because an ECO thinks that false representations have been made or because of mistakes in the applications. For example, the applicant has given an incorrect postcode or misspelt a name on their application form.

The ECO needs to be satisfied that deception has been used and/or the applicant intended to deceive. This will mainly relate to how the applicant has completed the questions about previous visa refusals or the grant or refusal of leave to remain (LTR) on the application form (VAF).

False information

When an applicant has submitted false information to get a Tier 2 or 5 certificate of sponsorship under the points-based system their application must be refused under paragraph 320(7A).

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